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Top 5 in demand programming languages of 2020

Need of programming languages in 2020

    Hello guys, I have been thinking a lot lately about what will be the face of industries and what will be the face of all the hardware and software-based businesses and here is what I found out; the hardware-based industries have been facing great loss recently of course because of this COVID-19 situation and all the lockdown and social distancing going on. Because almost every sector of our society is shifting towards the online medium either it is education or business or film industry and only the businesses which can not be shifted to the online mode are facing loss because of this pandemic. And because of all these changes, we might expect a very very noticeable boom in the software industry and we might expect software companies craving for good programmers very soon. Other than the requirement in the market, programming is going to be the most essential thing in the future because of the shifting of our society towards technology so fast, knowing a programming language will be like knowing a universal language in future.

Top 5 in demand programming languages of 2020

    So in this article, I am going to describe the Top 5 in-demand programming languages of 2020 which I think anybody can start with. This list I have shared is not based on only the demand of the language but also on the simplicity of the language to learn and the ease of programming it can provide, so hold tight and let’s begin.


    Python is the easiest programming language available today. The readability of its syntax makes it the easiest language to program. It is one of the best languages for the beginners to start with, considering its simple syntax structure. Other than its simple syntax and readability Python has become one of the most demanded programming languages out there and that has been possible because of its use in most of the data science and machine learning applications. Python is an open-source programming language that means everyone can contribute to its development and that is the reason Python has a lot of libraries for almost every task you can think of and that makes Python the most suitable language to use. Almost everybody wants to learn this language nowadays and there are a ton of online courses available for this language. Python is used in the field of IoT also, in the development boards like Raspberry pi and Nvidia’s Jetson nano Python is used for programming and because those boards cover a very large portion of IoT development, so does Python. Some of the famous projects build with python are listed below:
  1. Instagram
  2. Pinterest
  3. Spotify
  4. Dropbox
  5. Uber
  6. Reddit
    There very useful web frameworks supported by Python programming language and we will cover them in some other article in future.


    Javascript is the second language which is as much versatile as Python, in its domains of use. A few years ago Javascript was a front end development language because there was no support or environment available for the execution of Javascript code on a computer except the web browsers and web browsers were used for the interpretation of Javascript. But in recent years Javascript has got a bunch of frameworks like Node.js that provide an environment so that it can be interpreted in any computer with any operating system. With these frameworks created for this language, it has become the only language which supports frontend and backend both, we can create a complete website by only using Javascript. Javascript is also used in the field of machine learning nowadays, Javascript is used for mobile app development also, some of the famous mobile applications made with javascript are mentioned below:
  1. Netflix
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Uber and many more…
    So technically speaking Javascript is a universal language and you can do almost everything with it, so if you want to start a programming career and don’t want to be switching back and forth in various languages and you are not afraid of the difficult syntax of this language then you should start with Javascript. The syntax of javascript is a bit difficult but you can work with that if you have decided to work with javascript already.


    Java is being used for decades for the development purpose in the industry, of course for the search of better developers and for switching to latest technologies companies are moving towards other languages but still, Java holds a large area of the development in the industry. And because Java is still there and in a very large area of work it requires a lot of engineers to keep ongoing projects at a good pace. So there is a very good demand for java developers in the industry and that should be your motivation to learn Java in 2020. Because being very old and well used Java gets a lot of updates and is one of the most secure languages out there. Other than the properties mentioned above Java has another advantage over other languages and that is Mobile app development, there are many languages coming lately like Kotlin for mobile app development but still, a major section of mobile app development is under Java language. There are many web frameworks also supported by Java like Spring, Hibernate, GWT, Blade etc. Talking about the examples of famous products developed in java you can assume of almost any android application, most probably it will be made of java itself. The syntactical structure of Java is a bit hard that is why using it in complicated tasks like Mchine Learning makes them even harder, that is why we don’t encounter a lot of Machine Learning and Data Science work being done in Java language. But if we don’t give much weightage to syntax complexity it is a quite good language to learn.


    Kotlin is a cross-platform statically typed general-purpose programming language, It is used to develop cross-platform applications more specifically mobile applications. Last year Google itself announced that it will consider Kotlin as a preferred programming language when it comes to mobile app development. Kotlin runs in JVM because it was developed to fully interoperate with Java in future, the syntactical structure of Kotlin is more concise compared to Java. Other than mobile app development Kotlin can be used for server-side and client-side programming as well. The syntax structure of Kotlin is complex. But still, if you want a future in the field of mobile app development then you better start learning Kotlin.

C# (C Sharp)

    C# (C sharp) programming language was developed by Microsoft in 2000 initially it was a part of the .NET framework. C# is a class-based, component-oriented and lexically scoped programming language. It is strongly typed and lexically scoped programming language. The main intension of developing such a programming language was to develop various software components which were meant to be deployed in a distributed environment. According to the 2020 CodinGame survey, about 53% of the recruiters search for c# developers which is more than Python. The syntactical structure of C# language is very similar to C and C++ languages so it will be easier for C and C++ developers to switch to this language, but any newcomer if wants to learn this language he or she should be ready to face the hard syntax of this programming language.

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