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Top 5 Startups of India Based on Space Exploration

Space is very facinating

Top 5 Startups of India Based on Space Exploration
    The stories of outer space are very interesting to listen about, movies which are related to space exploration and space missions are breathtaking. There are so many movies like Gravity, Mission Mangal, The Martian, Interstellar and The Cloverfield Paradox which are interesting to watch and teach a lot about space and other planets in our solar system. Out of the movies, in recent years the real space missions executed by different space agencies around the globe just blew our minds. The famous space agencies like ISRO, SpaceX and NASA did a lot of missions and are planning to do a lot of machines which are really wow to think about.

Organizations working on space exploration

    There are a lot of private organisations and startups around the globe which are doing unbelievable experiments and succeeding in them. How can we forget about the famous Mars mission successfully executed by the Indian space organisation ISRO in a budget less than the famous movie Gravity or If we take another example of the famous private organisation SpaceX the work this organisation does in the field of space exploration the rockets they make and the technology they are evolving true makes us excited about space exploration. All of the movies and the news about all these foreign space agencies which are not governed by the government, of course, made me think that if there is any private company or startup in India which is working on space projects creating missiles or satellites or something like that. In recent years as the area of space exploration in India is expanding, the shoebox-sized satellites or we can say nanosatellites are becoming more popular, this shift in the preferences for a satellite size is giving birth to opportunities for new startups to compete in the field with their innovative ideas. 

Top 5 Startups of India Based on Space Exploration 

    After doing a lot of research I surprisingly found some private companies or we can say some startups in India which are working on making different rockets, making satellite models and working with our favourite space agency ISRO and doing good in their field. So in this article, I will be telling you about the top five private startups and companies which are doing great in the field of space exploration and rocket making and satellite development.

Dhruva Space

Dhruva space

    Dhruva Space is an Indian company, it was founded in 2012 by a trio named Sanjay Nakkanti, Narayan Prasad and Abhishek Raju. This is a Bangalore based company. The core application area of this company is agriculture, weather, space exploration, bio-diversity and many more. They are planning to make all these things better by analysing the data gathered by their safelights and make forecasting on the basis of all that information. They have already launched more than six satellites in total equipped with various sensors. They have collaborated with many national and international space research organizations. They have worked with more than eight countries in total.
Their NanoStat Platform offers the following breathtaking features.
    1. Scalable Architecture
    2. LEO Optimised Design
    3. Up to 6U Payload Volume
    4. Up to 10kg Payload Mass
    5. Powering Payloads up to 15W
    6. Pointing Accuracy : < 0.07 deg
    7. Mission Lifetime (Nominal) : 3 Years
    8. Electric Propulsion for Orbit Manoeuvring
    9. VHF/UHF Band: Telemetry & Telecommand
    10. S/X Band: Payload Data Transmission Links
    The main reason we are featuring this company at number one is its area of interests. It really makes us feel good when we talk about the achievements of these people.


    Pixxel is an India based private organisation which focuses on research and development in fields related to space exploration. Pixxel was founded by two undergraduate entrepreneurs Kshitij Khandelwal and Awais Ahmed in 2018. Pixxel is one of those organizations which are ready to materialise their Ideas very soon. Their work is focused on creating lightweight satellites, they believe that when it comes to cost-effectiveness of operation and manufacturing lightweight satellites are way better than heavy satellites.  Their idea is to construct a constellation of satellites in space, those satellites are meant to sense data from earth staying in the orbit of earth and then send that data to earth for conducting various researches in the field of agriculture
“The first step towards achieving our vision is building and launching a constellation of the world’s most advanced earth imaging constellation that can beam down data at a level of detail that hasn’t been attempted before,” says Co-founder and Chief Executive Awais Ahmed.
“Once that (first satellite) is done and perfected, we can have newer satellites rapidly in three months. We can start launching five new satellites every six months after that. By 2021, our first constellation will be complete which we will keep on expanding and replacing,” says Awais.
    They will mount an ultra-high-resolution camera on their satellite and use and capture the images regularly, after capturing the data, it will be sent to their server on earth. After applying various analytical techniques to the data acquired the experts will try to forecast various natural events which may occur on earth. They were set to launch their first satellite way back in November of 2019. The idea proposed by Pixxel is really unique and only one of its kind. The co-founder of Pixxel states that they may use similar methods for exploring other places like Moon and Marse. I hope they succeed in what they are planning to do.

Agnikula Cosmos and Bellatrix Aerospace

    At number three we have put two space agencies, they deserve this place in this list because of their unique work. The first company is the Agnikula Cosmos, this company is founded in Chennai by two people named Srinath Ravichandran and Moin. This company is working on a very exciting project named Agniban, it is a two-staged rocket but the main highlight of Agniban is its 3D printed engines. If everything works fine they will be able to create a method for affordable in-orbit launches and that’s what excites about them. 
    The second company is named Bellatrix Aerospace this company is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The company is founded by two entrepreneurs named Rohan M Ganapathy and Yashas Karanam. They have invented the first rocket engine to work on Methane and liquid oxygen as fuel. They have even created a rocket-powered by that engine named Chetak; it is probably the first rocket to be powered by such fuels.

Skyroot Aerospace

skyroot aerospace
    At number four we have Skyroot Aerospace, this is a Hyderabad based aerospace company. This company is founded by two Ex ISRO scientists named Pawan Kumar Chandan and Naga Bharath Daka. They are a manufacturing company and are focused on producing rockets. They have been working on their Vikram series of rockets, the company claims to send various satellites to space from 2021.

Xovian Aerospace

    At number 5 we have put a company called Xovian Aerospace, this company was founded in the year 2011 by a young entrepreneur named Ankit Bhateja. This is a Delhi based company but now they have shifted to Bangalore. The main goal of this company is to provide sustainable solutions for low-cost fabrication of satellites. Because they have a lot of experienced members in their team they are succeeding in achieving the goal they were set to. Apart from providing solutions to the fabrication of satellites they also provide a platform for space education in India to grow.
We started as a platform to nurture the space education in India. Since 2011 we are providing Educational, Scientific and Research activities on CANSAT, Sounding Rockets and High Altitude Ballooning.
Now with the unfaltering efforts of our highly experienced team, we are the part of the change, of providing sustainable solutions to the Space Industry .   – Team Xovian
All the startups I have mentioned above are based on my personal research, I may be mssing some startup which should be in my list. If there is something I am missing please do let me know in the comment section.

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